Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is in every sense- a mix. This city is known for its technological prowess, its quirky pop culture, and its simultaneous attachment to tradition. With every area having something different to offer, it is truly the best place for any tourist seeking variety and adventure.

Tokyo is best perceived as a collection of cities with different characters and vibes, rather than one city alone. The main tourist attractions in Tokyo are the Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower, the shopping districts of Harajuku and Shibuya (one of the busiest intersections in the world), the traditional Meiji and Sensoji Shrines, and of course, the cherry blossom flowers in April. However, aside from these attractions, Tokyo has little pockets of unique culture, technology and food that remain unnoticed by the mainstream.

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Tokyo is a land of climatic extremes, with scorching summers and cold, snowy winters with blizzards. Therefore the best time to visit Tokyo, unquestionably, is during the spring (March-May) when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and autumn from October to November.