Known as the 'Vegas of China', Macau is indeed an epicentre of gambling and glitz. While luxury entertainment here is world-class, the city has much more to offer than that. A heritage marked by a wonderful cultural hybridity that manifests itself in all aspects of life: Chinese temples stand on maritime-themed Portuguese tiles; the sound of Cantonese permeates streets with Portuguese names.

Try fresh seafood and delicious local cuisine, hover over lush green forests, and get acquainted with the rare red pandas. Explore the majestic architecture of the churches and get blessings from the local deities. Fly over Gotham and travel at the speed of light through the galaxies. Get the most out of your holiday in the beautiful city of beaches, museums, and more.

Languages Spoken in Macau:

Cantonese, Portuguese, Mandarin, English

Best Time to Visit Macau:


October to December is the best time to visit Macau. Considered as the autumn season, these months with cool and clear weather mark the post-summer and pre-winter season. With a distinct dry and wet season, the average temperature in Macau ranges around 20 degrees Celsius almost the entire year. December is the best month to visit Macau with the weather being neither too dry nor too hot.